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Remo Repair MOV 2.00

This tool has been designed to repair corrupt/damaged MOV files
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Remo Repair MOV is a simple application meant to help you repair corrupted and damaged MOV video files. Besides, this program also supports loading and processing MP4 video files.
In order to repair broken video files, this small application also requires you to provide a normal, healthy video file to be analyzed and used as reference for fixing the damaged files. Other than selecting the two files (the broken one and the healthy one), this application provides absolutely no other options or functions. Anyway, the lack of features is not my biggest problem with this tool. My beef with Remo Repair MOV is that it failed to completely process (and fix) any of the loaded files, though I provided plenty of videos, both MOV and MP4 ones, both as healthy ones and as ones that needed fixing. The “Unsupported file format” error message was displayed regardless of my file selections.

Therefore, though it sounded like a very promising video file repairing utility, I can’t test it well enough so that I could come up with a verdict. On your system, with your video files, it might actually work. Since testing it is free, you should go ahead and give it a try for yourself.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very simple interface
  • Supports both MOV and MP4 video formats


  • Might fail to work for unclear reasons, as it did in my case
  • Quite pricey
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